America Detective Int’I co., Ltd approved by the Government registered in Hong Kong, was established in 2014, and have identified at things in China, Taiwan, the United States, the mainland provinces and cities also has a strong network of people.

Provide you with all aspects of the detective service, solve your puzzles, the best detectives in Hong Kong, a high-tech detective equipment, find your doubts, when there is no one to guide you or to remind you when to help you make the right prevention and choice and provide legal and what your divorce adultery divorce,
divorce affair News Office arrested adultery, affair gathering evidence, grasping rape Ape, search and other search sites.

America Detective Int’I co., Ltd. offers free interviews, to understand customers encounter difficult, and for customers to design workable solutions, we emphasize: the investigation is a process to exclude difficult is the truth.

The investigation is a process
Excluding difficult is the truth

The investigation is a process
Excluding difficult is the truth

  • In strict compliance with investigation rules and contract and abide by professional ethics and disciplinary investigation to investigate industry-recognized service standards, honesty, diligence, quality and efficient service to fulfill the obligation survey.
  • In strict accordance with the proposal put to work group members, do our utmost to ensure that the interests of the maintenance of your company. In the project to promote the process, in strict accordance with the program of work we have worked to maintain good communication with your company and partners.
  • Using all our knowledge and experience to the America Detective Int’l Co., Ltd promote teamwork and the spirit of cooperation and dedication to provide customers the first one survey of high-quality services for your company.


Alan Chen

Alan Chen為美藉台灣人。




Alan Chen為美藉台灣人。






  • Save the Marriage
  • Premarital Investigations
  • Divorce advice
  • Tracing Investigation address


  • Employee Integrity Investigation
  • International Debt Collection
  • Counterfeiting Investigation Litigation Rights Forensics
  • Business Cheat Investigation of the Case

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